If you are hospitalized with a medical emergency, we will fly you home.

True Medical Evacuation Insurance

The Coverage
You Need.

Health Insurance, General Travel Insurance, Premium Credit Cards, Membership Programs...are you truly covered for a return to your home hospital of choice? Most others specialize in travel health insurance or trip insurance and may include some ‘Medical Evacuation’ coverage.

We specialize in providing true Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance and the coverages you really need when traveling away from home and are hospitalized due to an emergency.

Anywhere in the world!

Fly you to your hospital of choice (not the ‘nearest facility’)

$500,000 Coverage

No Pre-existing Exclusions

No Out of Pocket Costs

Companion Coverage

Ground Ambulance Coverage

State of the Art Medically Equipped Air Medical Jets

Only the Highest Accredited Global Network of Air Ambulance Providers

We Never Outsource Your Care or Safety to Non-accredited Providers

And so much more!

Who Should Have Travel MedEvac?

U.S. residents traveling more than 150 miles from home and anyone traveling outside their home country, including:



Business Travelers

Overseas Employees

People going on cruises, safaris, or guided tours

Students Studying Abroad

Missionaries / Church Groups

Medical Tourists

Our Preferred Provider

True Insurance...True Peace of Mind.

Travel MedEvac insurance offers true, financially secure, AM Best Rated Medical Evacuation insurance specifically to fly you home to your hospital of choice in the event of a medical emergency. We are a regulated insurance entity, NOT an unregulated membership program.

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Flexible Plans

Mexico Only Discounted Plans and Global Worldwide Plans


Ideal for a one-time trips under 30 days and for medical tourists


Perfect for those traveling multiple trips within 6 months (180 days and in Mexico only)


Perfect for those traveling multiple trips within a year